We’re Here, You Steers! Get Used to It!

Three guys thrown together by life’s unfortunate circumstances. Although suffering from a number of personal shortcomings, they can still deliver a spicy mix of Americana Cow Punk, Psychobilly and Alternative Country.

Along with their own brand of off-color original material, Mad Cow Tippers also perform a variety of covers from The Saddle Tramps, to Rev. Horton Heat and the Cramps, just to name a few. If you’re into the trailer park lifestyle; not afraid to date your kin; and remain faithfully unemployed, Mad Cow Tippers could give you the soundtrack that your life’s been looking for.

Billy's Photo

Billy Hill

Billy came home one day to find his parents had secretly moved away, leaving him to find a way to support himself. Being 43 years old and having no skills, he thought political office would suit him well, but fell (or was pushed) off a soapbox, striking his head on the pavement. Awaking two days later, he found that he now had the ability to tune a guitar. He immediately joined up with Mad Cow Tippers where he strums wildly and makes mouth noises.

Delmar's Photo

Delmar P. Schwank

After deciding he could no longer continue in the family’s exotic shoe business, Delmar left home to pursue his dream working as a change-maker for a traveling carnival arcade. After traveling with the carnival for nearly a year, it was suggested by management that he find other employment.

Although the departure was less than cordial, no charges were filed. Delmar now occupies his time as the stand-up drummer and lead singer for Mad Cow Tippers, where he and the boys perform their unique brand of power-trio Cow Punk and Alternative Country.

Bubba's Photo

Rev. F. T. (“Bubba”) Dubbs

Bubba Dubbs, as he’s known around Dixon, Illinois, isn’t allowed back there if he knows what’s good for him.

After his shoddy maintenance of a teacup carnival ride almost clearcut a troop of boy scouts, he skedaddled across the country cyber-preaching on the Interwebs and playing the bass fiddle for Mad Cow Tippers.